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New Course Proposal

Status: Approved (Previous Version)

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1. Review - College Approver - Engineering

Approved by Frank Chaplen Associate Professor / Biol & Ecol Engineering, December 20, 2017 9:11am

2. Review - Curriculum Coordinator

Sent Back by Cheryl Hagey Administrative Program Assist / Acad Prgms/Assess/Accred, December 26, 2017 4:10pm


Cheryl Hagey (Curriculum Coordinator) December 26, 2017 4:10pm
1) Please respond to Liaison Brady Gibbons' comments. This came be done one of two ways: A. Use Comments Block provided in the Justification Tab, or B. Attach a word document of the correspondence between Liaison and Originator that answers their concerns.

2) APA has spoken to Registrar's Office about the Enforced Prerequisites for this 6XX level course. Banner can only list the 2XX and 3XX courses as Unenforced not enforced for Graduate Level courses. We recommend moving the PreReq course to the Unenforced Prereqs section in the Requisites Tab if you still want to keep them.

3) Does this course need a classroom during Finals Week? If the answer is yes, please add Final Exam to the Schedule Types. (Course Info/Schedule Types/Final Exam)

In the Syllabus:

1) The Footnote has "CCE 5XX - Corrosion and Corrosion Control." This course is petitioning to be a 6XX course. Please change this to "CCE 623 - Corrosion of Metals and Corrosion Control."

2) Faculty Senate has approved a new link to Student Conduct. This change goes into Effect Fall 2017.

3) Page 4, Disabled Student Assistance: As of April 14, 2016, the Faculty Senate President announced the Revised Disability Access Services (DAS) statement and implementation plan be effective Summer Term 2016. All proposals submitted after April 14, 2016 will need to have the New DAS Statement:
"Accommodations for students with disabilities are determined and approved by Disability Access Services (DAS). If you, as a student, believe you are eligible for accommodations but have not obtained approval please contact DAS immediately at 541-737-4098 or at DAS notifies students and faculty members of approved academic accommodations and coordinates implementation of those accommodations. While not required, students and faculty members are encouraged to discuss details of the implementation of individual accommodations."

For your reference Syllabus Minimum Requirements:

If you have questions please contact me. 7-9560

3. Originator Response

Michelle McAllaster Graduate Program Coordinator / Sch of Civil/Constr Engr, January 9, 2018 2:52pm


Michelle McAllaster January 9, 2018 2:52pm
See new syllabus, changes in the course info and correspondence from Brady Gibbons in this new version of the proposal.

4. Review - Curriculum Coordinator

Approved by Cheryl Hagey Administrative Program Assist / Acad Prgms/Assess/Accred, January 10, 2018 8:43am


Cheryl Hagey (Curriculum Coordinator) January 10, 2018 8:43am
SUMMARY: This NEW proposal seeks to create a new, stand-alone course for College of Engineering.

CIP 140801 has been added to the proposal.

Banner was checked for this course number (623) to confirm the course number has not been used in the last 6 years. (12/26/2017 3:17 PM).

All Components are met per the Faculty Senate Curriculum Council guidelines.

# # # #

The Office of the Registrar is responsible for determining the effective date of Category II proposals. The determination is made based upon the ability to complete the request prior to the registration dates for the effective term being proposed.

5. Review - Graduate Committee - Engineering (D-Z)

Approved by Sourabh Apte Associate Professor / Sch of Mech/Ind/Mfg Engr, January 19, 2018 4:48pm

6. Review - Graduate Council Chair

Approved by Ryan Contreras Associate Professor / Horticulture, January 29, 2018 3:25pm

7. Review - Curriculum Council Chair

Approved by John Bailey Associate Professor / Forest Eng/Resourcs/Mgmt, February 1, 2018 12:58pm

8. Review - Academic Programs

Approved by Cheryl Hagey Administrative Program Assist / Acad Prgms/Assess/Accred, February 2, 2018 9:53am


Cheryl Hagey (Academic Programs) February 2, 2018 9:53am
All Components are met per the Faculty Senate Curriculum Council guidelines.

9. Review - Catalog Coordinator

Approved by Larry Bulling Academic Wage Appt - Hourly / Office of the Registrar, February 2, 2018 10:19am


Proposal ID: 101972
Type: New Course
Submission Date: January 9, 2018 2:52pm
Approval Date: February 2, 2018 10:19am
Effective Term: Spring 2018
This course has been offered every year since 2012 as a special topics course under CCE 520. It is an interdisciplinary course that attracts students from several other schools in engineering (e.g. MIME, CBEE, Nuclear) and other colleges (e.g. CEOA and Forestry). Because of the demand, we are planning to offer this course every year in the future; therefore, we would like to receive a permeant course number for it. Continuing the course under CCE 520 has also become administratively challenging. Since 2008 we have added five new faculty members in the area of infrastructure materials (one was a replacement). With this critical cohort, we have significantly overhauled our curriculum offerings and in this series of Category II adjustments we are 1) significantly updating existing coursework, 2) added new courses and combined some previous courses, and 3) renumbering/renaming the vast majority of courses to achieve a logical flow of coursework for graduate students. We have also delineated courses in the 500 level (aimed more at entry and master’s students) and the 600 level (aimed at upper level master’s and PhD students). This effort will ensure that provide a world-class curriculum and experience to our graduate students. This proposed change was presented to the graduate committee for Civil and Construction Engineering on 5/25/17 and all were supportive of the updates
Comments: None


Active Version - Submitted January 9, 2018 2:52pm
Version 1 - Submitted December 4, 2017 4:12pm


Name Title Department/School
Michelle McAllaster Graduate Program Coordinator Sch of Civil/Constr Engr
Burkan Isgor


No contacts


Liaison Status Required
Liney Arnadottir - Assistant Professor / Sch of Chem/Bio/Envr Eng
No concerns
(Responded on Nov 17, 2017)
Responded No
Marita Barth - Instructor / Chemistry
(Responded on Nov 17, 2017)
Responded No
Shane Brown - Associate Professor / Sch of Civil/Constr Engr
(Responded on Nov 17, 2017)
Responded No
Joseph Fradella III - Senior Instructor I / Sch of Civil/Constr Engr
Looks good.
(Responded on Nov 20, 2017)
Responded Yes
Kevin Gable - Professor / Chemistry
No concerns.
(Responded on Nov 16, 2017)
Responded No
Brady Gibbons - Associate Professor / Sch of Mech/Ind/Mfg Engr
Looks good to me. Although I think it's kind of odd to have sophomore/junior level classes as prerequisites for a 600 level class. Seems that might become a logistical problem, as well.
(Responded on Nov 16, 2017)
Responded No
Jonathan Istok - Professor / Sch of Civil/Constr Engr
no concerns. approve
(Responded on Nov 20, 2017)
Responded Yes
Carlos Jensen - Assoc Dean-Undergrad Prog / College of Engineering
Expired Yes
Brett Jeter - Head Advisor / College of Engineering
Expired Yes
Nicole Kent - Mgr-Undergrad Curricula/Advis / College of Forestry Adm
No concerns.
(Responded on Nov 16, 2017)
Responded Yes
Janice Nave-Abele - Curriculum Coordinator / University Accreditation
No concerns.
(Responded on Nov 16, 2017)
Responded Yes
Julie Tucker - Assistant Professor / Sch of Mech/Ind/Mfg Engr
Several of my students have taken this class. It is a great assess to the COE. I approve it to be a regular course. I have no concerns.
(Responded on Nov 17, 2017)
Responded No
Dorthe Wildenschild - Professor / Sch of Chem/Bio/Envr Eng
I support this proposal
(Responded on Nov 17, 2017)
Responded Yes

Course Information

Designator/Course #: CCE 623 
CIP Code: 140801
College/Department or College/School:
College of Engineering / School of Civil and Construction Engineering 

Max Credits to Graduation: 4   

Short Title: CORROSION  
Grading Mode: A-F (includes I, W, R, S/U) 
Courses Taught Schedule:
Every Winter Term

Schedule Types: Lecture; Final Exam 
Campus Location: Corvallis Campus 
Programs Requiring
this Course:

Corrosion science and corrosion engineering of metals in various environments. Thermodynamics of corrosion. Electrode kinetics and rates of corrosion. Mixed potential theory. Passivity. Measurement of corrosion. Corrosion prevention through materials selection, design, cathodic and anodic protection and coatings. Discussion of critical material-environment combinations such as corrosion of oil/gas pipelines, corrosion of steel in concrete, corrosion in marine environments, microbially induced corrosion (MIC), corrosion of implants in biological media. Cost of corrosion.

Course Relationships

Designator Title Minimum Grade/Score
Enforced Prerequisites
Unenforced Requisites
CH 202 or CH 231 or CH 231H or CCE 321
Equivalent Courses
Slash Courses
Crosslisted Courses


File Name File Size Comment Date Added
CCE 623 201802 Syllabus.pdf 31.09 Kb Jan 09, 2018 9:56 am
RE_ Liaison Response to Proposal #101972.pdf 72.23 Kb Response from Liaison Brady Gibbons Jan 09, 2018 2:41 pm
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