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New Course Proposal

Status: Approved

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1. Review - Academic Programs

Approved by Cheryl Hagey Administrative Program Assist / Acad Prgms/Assess/Accred, August 31, 2018 3:49pm


Cheryl Hagey (Academic Programs) August 31, 2018 3:49pm
All Components are met per the Faculty Senate Curriculum Council guidelines.

2. Review - Catalog Coordinator

Approved by Belinda Sykes Catalog & Curriculum Coord. / Office of the Registrar, September 10, 2018 11:35am


Proposal ID: 102010
Type: New Course
Submission Date: August 31, 2018 3:48pm
Approval Date: September 10, 2018 11:35am
Effective Term: Winter 2019
This course contributes an important 400-level course to the religion curriculum, and a much needed course on religious history beyond the US to the history curriculum. In addition, it is central to a SHPR initiative to create law courses related to each of the specialties of the school. Finally, this class contributes an important course to the in-process certificate in Legal Perspectives. (Parallel proposal for #101996)
SUMMARY: This Expedited NEW course proposal seeks to create a cross listed course with REL 484/584. See Proposal 101996 (REL 484/584) to see reviews.
CIP 540101 has been added to the proposal.

APA has:
1) Effective Term has been changed from Spring 2019 to Winter 2019. This is the closest approval deadline.
2) Changed the Course Description. CPS had it double and the description did not mirror Proposal 101996 (REL 484/584).
3) Cross listed courses have been added to this proposal.
4) Equivalent Course has been removed. It is not needed.

 Banner was checked for this course number (484/584) to confirm the course number has not been used in the last 6 years. (8/31/2018 3:26 PM (484/584 was last used 199401)).

CONTACTS: Individuals have been added as contacts.
Reason: Their academic program has been identified as being impacted by this expedited change course proposal.

All Components are met per the Faculty Senate Curriculum Council guidelines.

Note:  Anything listed in Unenforced prerequisites are no longer listed in the online Catalog
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The Office of the Registrar is responsible for determining the effective date of Category II proposals. The determination is made based upon the ability to complete the request prior to the registration dates for the effective term being proposed.

Submitted by: Cheryl (APA)


Name Title Department/School
Rena Lauer Assistant Professor History Department


Name Title Department/School
J Nicole von Germeten Director-SHPR Liberal Arts Admin
David Bishop IV Coord-Academic History Department


Liaison Status Required
J Nicole von Germeten - Director-SHPR / Liberal Arts Admin Not Contacted Yes

Course Information

Designator/Course #: HST 484 
CIP Code: 540101
College/Department or College/School:
College of Liberal Arts / School of History, Philosophy, and Religion 

Max Credits to Graduation: 4   

Grading Mode: A-F (includes I, W, R, S/U) 
Courses Taught Schedule:
Every odd year in Spring term.

Schedule Type: Seminar 
Campus Location: Corvallis Campus 
Programs Requiring
this Course:

Investigates the relationship between religion and law in Jewish, Christian, and Muslim society, as well as modern western “secular” society, considering the question from a theoretical, historical, and contemporary case-study perspective. We will look at the religious origins of legal systems, the ways in which members of religious communities engaged with their own and others’ laws, and the ways in which modern societies have used law to separate “religion” from the state.

Course Relationships

Designator Title Minimum Grade/Score
Enforced Prerequisites
Equivalent Courses
Slash Courses
Crosslisted Courses
REL 484, REL 584


File Name File Size Comment Date Added
SYLLABUS Introduction to Religion and Law.docx 43.63 Kb Nov 15, 2017 12:24 pm
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