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Change Course Proposal

Status: Pending Review - Curriculum Coordinator

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1. Review - College Approver - Business

Approved by Prem Mathew Associate Dean / College of Business Dept, December 4, 2017 6:31am

2. Review - Curriculum Coordinator

Pending Review

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Graduate Council Chair; CC Rep - Business; Curriculum Council Chair; Academic Programs; Catalog Coordinator


Proposal ID: 102045
Type: Change Course
Submission Date: December 4, 2017 4:43am
Effective Term: Summer 2018
Change course to be delivered online and adds BA 365 as a prerequisite. Course supports proposals for Family Business Option and Minor (100784 and 100785)
Comments: None


Name Title Department/School
James Coakley Senior Assoc Dean-AcademicProg College of Business Dept


Name Title Department/School
Carol Leder Advisor-Academic College of Business Dept
Carrie Stampe Admin Asst to Assoc Dean College of Business Dept
Sherri Noxel Director-AFBP College of Business Dept


Liaison Status Required
Jennifer Alix-Garcia - Department Head / Applied Economics
This looks fine to me.
(Responded on Nov 19, 2017)
Responded Yes
Alfonso Bradoch - Dir-Dept & Studen Svcs / Extended Campus
Expired Yes
William Braunworth Jr - Department Head / Horticulture
Expired Yes
Erica Curry - Coordinator-Curr Accr & Assess / Extended Campus
No objections
(Responded on Nov 20, 2017)
Responded Yes
Katherine Kelly Donegan - Instructor / Horticulture
We have a concern about this proposal. Currently, our Horticulture majors are allowed enrollment in BA 463, which is used in some of our curricula. The addition of this BA 365 pre-req will prevent them from taking BA 463, based on the catalog indicating that BA 365 is only open to BA majors and minors. We would be fine with this proposal if our students were given access to BA 365 and we could use it to replace BA 463 in our curricula.
(Responded on Nov 17, 2017)
Responded Yes
Katharine Field - Professor / Microbiology (Science)
Expired Yes
Troy Hall - Department Head / Forest Ecosyst & Society
Expired Yes
Nicole Kent - Mgr-Undergrad Curricula/Advis / College of Forestry Adm
No concerns.
(Responded on Nov 17, 2017)
Responded Yes
Kate Lajtha - Professor / Crop and Soil Science
Expired Yes
Ben Leshchinsky - Assistant Professor / Forest Eng/Resourcs/Mgmt
Expired Yes
Prem Mathew - Associate Dean / College of Business Dept
I approve.
(Responded on Nov 17, 2017)
Responded Yes
Terina Mc Lachlain - Mgr-Nat Res Prog/Advisor-Acad / Forest Ecosyst & Society
Natural Resources is not impacted by this proposal.
(Responded on Nov 17, 2017)
Responded Yes
Claire Montgomery - Department Head / Forest Eng/Resourcs/Mgmt
Expired Yes
Jay Noller - Department Head / Crop and Soil Science
Expired Yes
Tjodie Richardson - Head Advisor / Applied Economics
No objections. As long as our students will get access to the new course number of BA 365. Thank you.
(Responded on Nov 17, 2017)
Responded Yes
Shannon Riggs - Director / Extended Campus
No objections.
(Responded on Nov 21, 2017)
Responded Yes
John Sessions - Distinguished Professor / Forest Eng/Resourcs/Mgmt

(Responded on Nov 17, 2017)
Responded Yes

Course Information

Designator/Course #: BA 463 
CIP Code: 520201
College/Department or College/School:
College of Business / No Department Updated 

Credits: 4  
Max Credits to Graduation: 4   

Grading Mode: A-F (includes I, W, R, S/U)  
Courses Taught Schedule:

Schedule Types: Lecture; Discussion; Streaming Media; WWW; Final Exam Updated 
Campus Locations: Corvallis Campus; Ecampus 
Programs Requiring
this Course:

Builds on the introductory family business management course to examine the required elements of a successful enterprise, a diversified and multigenerational organization comprised of multiple business lines.

Course Relationships

Designator Title Minimum Grade/Score
Enforced Prerequisites Updated
Unenforced Requisites
Senior standing
Equivalent Courses Updated
Slash Courses
Crosslisted Courses


File Name File Size Comment Date Added
BA 463 Syllabus.docx 103.15 Kb Nov 16, 2017 5:06 pm
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