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New Undergraduate Minor
Guitar Minor

Status: Draft


Proposal ID: 102131
Type: New Option/Minor
Effective Term: Fall 2018
The Music Program is adding a guitar emphasis.
Comments: None


Name Title Department/School
Lee Ann Garrison Director-Sch of Arts & Comm Liberal Arts Admin
Cameron O'Connor Instructor Music Department


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Liaison Status Required
Lee Ann Garrison - Director-Sch of Arts & Comm / Liberal Arts Admin
Expired Yes

Program Information

Program Title: Guitar Minor 
College/Department or College/School: College of Liberal Arts / School of Arts and Communication 

Program Type: Undergraduate Minor 

Music minor with an emphasis in guitar performance. Designed to introduce students to essential concepts in music theory, history, and performance in both the solo and ensemble mediums. 


MUP 196/296/396/496: Individual Lessons [6]

MUS 162/362 Chamber Ensemble: Guitar [2]

MUS 121, 122 Literature and Materials [3, 3]

MUS 135 Aural Skills [1]

MUS 493 Basic Recording Techniques [3]

Two of the following: MUS 324, 325, or 326 History of Western Music 1 (3, 3)

Upper-division electives (3) 

Senior Recital (0)


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Corvallis, OR 97331
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