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New Undergraduate Option
Conservation Law Enforcement

Status: Draft


Proposal ID: 102160
Type: New Option/Minor
Effective Term: Summer 2018
Each year we have a significant number of students who are pursuing careers in law enforcement with state and federal agencies that manage our natural resources. The“Conservation Law Enforcement” will prepare students for these careers. Requirements will include communication, criminal justice, human dimensions and foundational resource management coursework. Students will also have the ability to select electives from areas of study such as criminal justice, fish and wildlife, forestry, natural resources, psychology, sociology, and recreation with guidance from their academic advisor. The option is designed to be transfer friendly for students who may be transferring to OSU with coursework in criminal justice from a community college. Students in the OSU Degree Partnership Program can access criminal justice coursework from Oregon Community colleges both online and on campus throughout the state of Oregon.

This option is replacing the Law Enforcement Natural Resources option (drop option proposal 102161).
Response to Bruce Duggar's comment: The header has been fixed.


Name Title Department/School
Julie Barlow Administrative Program Assist College of Forestry Adm


Name Title Department/School
Terina Mc Lachlain Mgr-Nat Res Prog/Advisor-Acad Forest Ecosyst & Society


Liaison Status Required
Alfonso Bradoch - Dir-Dept & Studen Svcs / Extended Campus
> Waiting for liaison to reply.
(Request sent Dec 5, 2017)
Contacted No
Erica Curry - Coordinator-Curr Accr & Assess / Extended Campus
No objections.
(Responded on Dec 14, 2017)
Responded No
Bruce Dugger - Associate Professor / Fisheries and Wildlife
no objections. you have a typo in the header "fisheries, wildlife, and environmental law
(Responded on Dec 5, 2017)
Responded No
John Edwards - Director-Sch of Psych Sci / Sch of Psychological Sci
(Responded on Dec 5, 2017)
Responded No
Lee Ann Garrison - Director-Sch of Arts & Comm / Liberal Arts Admin
> Waiting for liaison to reply.
(Request sent Dec 5, 2017)
Contacted No
Troy Hall - Department Head / Forest Ecosyst & Society
> Waiting for liaison to reply.
(Request sent Dec 5, 2017)
Contacted Yes
Karen Hooker - School Head / Public Hlth/HumanSci Adm
I approve.
(Responded on Dec 5, 2017)
Responded No
Nicole Kent - Mgr-Undergrad Curricula/Advis / College of Forestry Adm
(Responded on Dec 6, 2017)
Responded Yes
Denise Lach - Director / Sociology Department
> Waiting for liaison to reply.
(Request sent Dec 5, 2017)
Contacted No
Terina Mc Lachlain - Mgr-Nat Res Prog/Advisor-Acad / Forest Ecosyst & Society
(Responded on Dec 5, 2017)
Responded Yes
Shannon Riggs - Director / Extended Campus
No objections. Informational note: To propose an individual course for development funding and delivery via Ecampus, please submit a proposal at least two terms in advance at If this course is part of a proposal to put a full program online, please contact Erica Curry, Academic Programs Manager for Ecampus, if your department has not done so already.
(Responded on Dec 5, 2017)
Responded No
Randall Rosenberger - Assoc Dean-Undergrad Studies / College of Forestry Adm
(Responded on Dec 5, 2017)
Responded No
Elizabeth Schroeder - Associate Professor / Economics Department
No objection.
(Responded on Dec 7, 2017)
Responded No

Program Information

Program Title: Conservation Law Enforcement  
College/Department or College/School: College of Forestry / Forest Ecosystems and Society 

Program Type: Undergraduate Option 
Associated Major: Natural Resources - BS, CRED, HBS 

Also available via Ecampus

Students will be prepared to enter careers in Conservation Law Enforcement with an understanding of the criminal justice system, environmental law and policy, human dimensions and sustainable resource management.



Minimum of 40 credits is required with at least 20 upper division credits.

MEASUREMENTS (choose one - 2-3 credits)

FW 255. Field Sampling of Fish and Wildlife (3)
FW/VMB 328. Wildlife Capture and Immobilization (2)


COMM 318. Advanced Interpersonal Communication (3)
   or COMM 326. Intercultural Communication (3)
FW 251. Principles of Fish and Wildlife Conservation (3)
SOC 241. Introduction to Crime and Justice (3)
TRAL 251. Recreation Resource Management (4)
WR 327. *Technical Writing (3)
   or WR 362. *Science Writing (3)

RESOURCE MANAGEMENT (choose two - 6-9 credits)

FES/FW 452. Biodiversity Conservation in Managed Forests (3)
FW 426. Coastal Ecology and Resource Management (5) Hatfield Marine Science Center
FW 451. Avian Conservation and Management (3)
FW 458. Mammal Conservation and Management (4)
RNG 341. Rangeland Ecology and Management (3)
TRAL 352. Wilderness Management (3)
   or TRAL 357. Parks and Protected Areas Management (3)

HUMAN DIMENSIONS (choose one - 3-4 credits)

FW 340. Multicultural Perspectives in Natural Resources (3)
FW 439. ^Human Dimensions of Fisheries and Wildlife Management (3)
HDFS 201. *Contemporary Families in the U.S. (3)
HDFS 444. Family Violence and Neglect (4)
PSY 360. Social Psychology (4)
SOC 312. *Sociology of the Family (4)
SOC 381. Social Dimensions of Sustainability (4)
SOC 441. Criminology and Penology (4)
SUS 420. Social Dimensions of Sustainability (3)


AEC 253. *Environmental Law, Policy, and Economics (4)
AEC 432. Environmental Law (4)
FOR 462. Natural Resource Policy and Law (3)
FW 341. Fish and Wildlife Law Enforcement (2)
FW 415. Fisheries and Wildlife Law and Policy (3)
FW 422. Introduction to Ocean Law (3)

ELECTIVES (11 credits minimum)

Students will choose a minimum of 11 credits of appropriate coursework approved by an advisor from related fields such as criminal justice, fish and wildlife, forestry, recreation, anthropology, sociology, psychology, and natural resources.

Note: Up to 6 credits of appropriate interships, projects, or study abroad may be used to fulfill requirements in this option as approved by petition.



* Baccalaureate Core Course (BCC)
^ Writing Intensive Course (WIC)


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