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New Course Proposal

Status: Approved (Previous Version)

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1. Review - College Approver - Graduate School

Sent Back by Stephanie Bernell Associate Dean / Graduate School Admin, December 21, 2017 10:16am


Stephanie Bernell (College Approver - Graduate School) December 21, 2017 10:16am
Once the long-term sustainability of the courses are discussed, the Graduate School, will review the course proposal.

2. Originator Response

Rich Carter Professor / Chemistry, January 24, 2018 3:10pm


Rich Carter January 24, 2018 3:10pm
Hi Steph - per your guidance, I am resubmitting now. THanks! RIch

3. Review - College Approver - Graduate School

Approved by Stephanie Bernell Associate Dean / Graduate School Admin, January 24, 2018 4:14pm

4. Review - Curriculum Coordinator

Approved by Cheryl Hagey Administrative Program Assist / Acad Prgms/Assess/Accred, January 25, 2018 10:51am


Cheryl Hagey (Curriculum Coordinator) January 25, 2018 10:51am
SUMMARY: This NEW proposal seeks to create a new course for the Graduate School.

CIP 240101 has been added to the proposal.

Banner was checked for this course number (571) to confirm the course number has not been used in the last 6 years. (1/25/2018 10:10 AM).

All Components are met per the Faculty Senate Curriculum Council guidelines.

# # # #

The Office of the Registrar is responsible for determining the effective date of Category II proposals. The determination is made based upon the ability to complete the request prior to the registration dates for the effective term being proposed.

5. Review - Graduate Committee - Graduate School

Approved by Theresa Filtz Dept Chair-Pharmaceutical Sci / Pharmacy Professnl Instr, February 1, 2018 10:11pm

6. Review - Graduate Council Chair

Approved by Ryan Contreras Associate Professor / Horticulture, February 2, 2018 11:51am

7. Review - CC Rep - Graduate School

Sent Back by Michael Harte Professor / Earth, Ocean & Atmo Sci, February 7, 2018 9:42am


Michael Harte (CC Rep - Graduate School) February 7, 2018 9:42am
This interesting course needs a wider liaison. At the moment liaison is only with the Grad School. Wider liaison with the business school, bioscience programs and programs in Public Science and Human Sciences. This would be in keeping with the interdisciplinary intent of NRT programs.
One other element that should be further explained is that the class seems to be heavily focused on an approach that is also a proprietary commercial product/service provided by one of the co-instructors. This maybe fine, but needs to be disclosed to students taking the class.

8. Originator Response

Rich Carter Professor / Chemistry, February 25, 2018 1:13pm


Rich Carter February 25, 2018 1:13pm
Thanks Michael for your feedback and followup phone call. I have added liaisons from each College that has currently either expressed interest in the program or has participated (COS, CAS, COE, COP, PHHS, COEAS). I have also updated the syllabus to address the Conflict of Interest disclosure.

9. Review - CC Rep - Graduate School

Approved by Michael Harte Professor / Earth, Ocean & Atmo Sci, February 27, 2018 1:25pm

10. Review - Curriculum Council Chair

Approved by Allen Thompson Associate Professor / Philosophy Department, March 18, 2018 5:28pm


Allen Thompson (Curriculum Council Chair) March 18, 2018 5:28pm
The originator has been emailed with a comment, as follows: "the Registrar would like to do away with "unenforced prerequisites" and (rather) use the term "recommended courses" to avoid confusion"

11. Review - Academic Programs

Approved by Cheryl Hagey Administrative Program Assist / Acad Prgms/Assess/Accred, March 19, 2018 2:55pm


Cheryl Hagey (Academic Programs) March 19, 2018 2:55pm
All Components are met per the Faculty Senate Curriculum Council guidelines.

12. Review - Catalog Coordinator

Approved by Larry Bulling Academic Wage Appt - Hourly / Office of the Registrar, March 19, 2018 3:14pm


Larry Bulling (Catalog Coordinator) March 19, 2018 3:14pm
Changed effective term to 201900. Spring term starts April 2.
We don't use the streaming media schedule type (k) anymore. I substituted Y for WWW.
Made prereqs: GRAD 570 and departmental approval


Proposal ID: 102179
Type: New Course
Submission Date: February 25, 2018 1:13pm
Approval Date: March 19, 2018 3:14pm
Effective Term: Summer 2018
This course is the second in a series of GRAD courses that will be created to institutionalize the program brought to OSU through a National Science Foundation grant called "NRT IGE: Research to Innovation to Society."
The syllabus was developed in collaboration with Jessica Beck (Grad School) and she has approved the version uploaded.


Active Version - Submitted February 25, 2018 1:13pm
Version 2 - Submitted January 24, 2018 3:10pm
Version 1 - Submitted December 20, 2017 2:43pm


Name Title Department/School
Rich Carter Professor Chemistry
Michelle Dolgos Assistant Professor Chemistry
Judith Giordan Professor (Practice) Chemistry


No contacts


Liaison Status Required
Daniel Arp - Dean/Director-CAS / College of Ag Admin
Expired No
Belinda Batten - Head-Sch of Mech/Ind/Mfg Engr / Sch of Mech/Ind/Mfg Engr
The system thinks I'm the Head of Mechanical, Industrial, and Manufacturing Engineering, but I'm not. I've hunted around trying to find some info on proposal that are incorrectly routed, but haven't found anything. Not sure what to do about it.
(Responded on Feb 9, 2018)
Responded No
Jessica Beck - Asst Dean-Grad School Dev / Graduate School Admin
I am supportive of this second course in the series, and discussions with the Graduate School about the long-term sustainability of the series have commenced and will continue in the coming months.

Regarding this course, I would suggest two minor edits to the syllabus, and that the revised version be resubmitted for reviewers moving forward.

(1) Please tally of hours for in-class and out-of-class activities so that students (and reviewers) can see that total, and that it is aligned with the 120 that are expected for a 4-credit class.

(2) I noticed some other minor edits that need attention, and I believe are the result of previous edits you made (there is a reference at the bottom of page 4 to “2 hours” but I am unsure its connection to the other text). Please just give the final version a full read through and make updates as needed.
(Responded on Dec 12, 2017)
Responded No
Stephanie Bernell - Associate Dean / Graduate School Admin
Expired Yes
Lorenzo Ciannelli - Associate Professor / Earth, Ocean & Atmo Sci
Very good course.
(Responded on Feb 21, 2018)
Responded No
William Edge - Associate Dean / College of Ag Admin
Looks like an interesting course--I have no objections.
(Responded on Feb 9, 2018)
Responded No
Roy Haggerty - Associate Vice President / VP for Research
Expired No
S Marie Harvey - Assoc Dean-Res & Grad Programs / Public Hlth/HumanSci Adm
No concerns about this course. Marie
(Responded on Feb 10, 2018)
Responded No
Karen Hooker - School Head / Public Hlth/HumanSci Adm
Expired No
Douglas Keszler - Distinguished Professor / Chemistry
Expired No
Mark Leid - Associate Dean for Research / Pharmacy Professnl Instr
(Responded on Feb 11, 2018)
Responded No
Irem Tumer - Associate Professor / Sch of Mech/Ind/Mfg Engr
Expired No
T Mark Zabriskie - Dean / Pharmacy Professnl Instr
Expired No

Course Information

Designator/Course #: GRAD 571 
CIP Code: 240101
College/Department or College/School:
Graduate School / No Department 

Max Credits to Graduation: 4   

Grading Mode: A-F (includes I, W, R, S/U) 
Courses Taught Schedule:
Initially Spring term, but will future expansion to each term.

Schedule Types: Lecture; Discussion; Streaming Media 
Campus Location: Corvallis Campus 
Programs Requiring
this Course:

This course uses the team’s platform diagram from GRAD 570 to perform a deeper analysis into a set of three market/application pairs. Teams will develop a Star Market analysis using a decision matrix consisting of a set of market-aligned questions and a rubric to determine the potential value for their innovation. This information is parametrized by a market hypothesis consisting of a value proposition and differentiators and a set of aligned value chains.

Course Relationships

Designator Title Minimum Grade/Score
Enforced Prerequisites
GRAD 570 C
Prerequisite Logic
Graduate student (MS/PhD) in a STEM discipline conducting research with at least three terms of completed coursework in the student's degree path. Students must apply to take course as the program is team based (Contact:
Unenforced Requisites
Students should have a good idea of what his/her M.S./Ph.D. research project will be and be engaged in the work. This course is best suited for students in their second year of graduate school or later.
Equivalent Courses
Slash Courses
Crosslisted Courses


File Name File Size Comment Date Added
GRAD 571 Syllabus.2018.02.09.doc 95.50 Kb Conflict of Interest statement add per suggestion from Michael Harte (thanks Michael!) Feb 09, 2018 1:18 pm
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