Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where do I get assistance with my ONID username and password?
    The ONID username and password is a universal sign-on that can be used by all OSU employees. It allows you to log into many university systems so it is important to keep track of your sign-on information and to keep your log in information private and secure. For assistance logging in, contact the OSU Computer Helpdesk (541) 737-3474. If you don't know your username or password, go here:
  • How do I change the email address for which I receive email notifications?
    Your email, telephone and mailing information can be changed under "My Profile" in the left-hand navigation panel.  Select the Save button when you are done editing to save your changes.
  • What is a research conflict of interest?
    A research conflict of interest occurs when the design, conduct or reporting of research could be directly or significantly affected by a Significant Financial Interest of an investigator (see OSU policy for the definition of a Significant Financial Interest:
  • Who must complete a financial conflict of interest declaration?
    Currently professorial faculty are required to complete an annual declaration; however, the updated COI Policy, effective August 24, 2012, will revise who must annually disclose to:
  • Professorial faculty, Research Associates, and Post-Doctoral Fellows/Scholars
  • Individuals who intend to serve as an investigator on a sponsored project (including, but not limited to, Professional faculty, FRAs, Senior FRAs, Instructors, Senior Instructors, Emeritus, Courtesy and Visiting faculty)
  • Other individuals as identified by the COI Officer, a college dean or unit head

If you fall under any of these categories, but do not have access to a declaration, contact the COI Administrator at 541-737-4692 or

  • How often must I complete the financial conflict of interest declaration?
    Any individual required to complete a form must do so annually, within 30 days of discovering or acquiring a new Significant Financial Interest, and when changes occur in the circumstances of a financial interest or outside activity that was previously disclosed.
  • What happens after I submit my conflict of interest declaration?
    Your declaration is reviewed by your unit head, your dean if specifically requested, and the COI Officer or his or her delegate.  The form is reviewed for completeness and accuracy and the COI Officer/delegate will determine whether a potential conflict of interest exists and if it requires further review.  Further review will likely include members of the COI Committee and, if a conflict of interest exists, a COI management plan.
  • How do I find out the status of a declaration I have submitted?
    In the left-hand navigation panel, under "My Declaration," the option "View All" will provide a list of all of your submitted and draft declarations.  The option to view, print or the see the status of each is available to select.
  • Who can see my declarations?
    Only you can see a declaration that has not yet been submitted ("draft").  Any declarations that have been submitted can only be seen by your unit heads (department head/chair/director and dean/vice provost/vice president) and the COI Officer and his or her delegate(s).  If a conflict of interest is determined to exist, members of the COI Committee may also view your declaration.

Within the constraints imposed by state law, declarations are considered part of an employee's confidential personnel record.

  • Can I cancel or delete a declaration that I have submitted?
    Once you submit a declaration, you cannot cancel or delete it. You can submit a new declaration with changes as needed that will override the previous submission.  However, all submitted declarations are available to view.
  • Can I save the declaration to my computer?
    You can save your declaration as an .html file which will be readable but not formatted. The Research Office will archive your declarations and you can print a copy for your records by choosing Print Declaration from the Submitted Declarations menu.


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